The Bare Minimum

The Bottom Line

In this article I will talk about the absolute minimum needed to put your butt in a boat for living purposes.

A Boat

This isn't as expensive as you might assume! If you are using the craft as an apartment and not as a boat nothing says the craft has to actually RUN. You are renting a place to put the craft and never undocking it! Your rent will give you connections to external power and water as well! If it floats and you can get it into a slip, you can live on it! You can find large power boats for almost free with missing engines, sailboats without sails are available a dime a dozen. 

A Live Aboard Marina Slip

You sure are going to need a membership at a marina! You will pay around 400-700/mo for a slip and it will include onshore storage, a gym, access to showers, connection to water and power, internet access, and in some cases membership to other marinas. Often the slip will also come with a parking spot at the marina which can provide useful storage in the form of a van or truck. Marinas don't like weird antique ships that don't have insurance so hunting for a marina that will turn a blind eye might be required, but then again it might not. The nicer your craft looks the better.

Unless you dare....

There are numerous reports of folks mooring in public spaces permanently with nonfunctional craft. Some boats at public moorings in the Portland area have been in place for years without harassment, but of course this will end one day. A daring person can find a public mooring and monopolize it if they dare but it would be more dangerous and complicated. You would use dinghys, sailboats, and/or jetskis to go from shore to an offcoast larger ship permanently moored if one was interested in more saltwater public moorings. 

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