Boat Makerspace Theory

Theory - Boat themed makerspaces exist today in the world under the titles of 'marina' and 'boat club' and 'yacht club'. Many have professionalized these workshops and do not offer direct member access. This in no way implies that marinas don't have machine shops, wood working labs, and other shop tools that are invaluable for boat ownership; it only implies that they are not available to general members.
To test this theory I am kicking around the idea of taking a road trip to interview people that run and investigate the many different types of environments that marinas provide.
It is very important that we find a good 'home' marina with staff we can create a dialog with and tools that we have access to. Of highest priority is finding spaces with boat services that allow members to access workspaces.
I will be writing a more sophisticated post about this later but it is looking more and more likely to be a task I'll undertake soon.

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