Passing On Sarasota Florida

Betty's Hot Wet Yacht Slots

I saw an ad on craigslist with a marina for rent. "22 slips for 3700/mo in Sarasota FL, texts work best". Suddenly I'm swimming in a sea of red flags and shudder at the prospect of trying to enter an arrangement with someone that thinks initiating discussion about renting an ENTIRE MARINA is best done over sms. I shout out at him, he shouts back that he doesn't know anything about anything and doesn't want to find out for me. "I'm going to have to be ready to go before I deal with this guy", I think to myself. He didn't even know how deep the slips were, yowza!

Better Put Eyes On It

I have a guy that needs to start a company in the area anyway, and investigation shows the marina is part of a large multi-unit property. I convince my associate to do a scout around for me and find the cheapest property in the landlords portfolio. I want to spy on that marina!

Forward Scout Location Rented

So the landlord enters arrangement with a fellow willing to split the space with me for a few months while I scout around. I spent some time talking to neighbors and getting an idea about how the community would handle a bunch of transhumanist boat squatters with magnet implants and sexual interest in D-Rings. The marina itself was poorly maintained and the community would hate us, without a doubt. I spied and watched the boat traffic and the people traffic and a little on the radio traffic, and the AIS traffic nearby; for a month darn near!


The marina was built in 2001 as part of a restaurant that wanted to cater to boat folk. It apparently didn't work out. As you can see in the videos most of the slips are empty, the landscaping overgrown, and apparently up to 6 craft may be considered abandoned (and maybe collectible with the property, with some work). The property is fully private and as such falls into a neat loophole the doesn't require USCG inspection, for good or ill. There was hand-wringing with the neighbors from day 1, including fake 'we will tow your car' notices put on windshields and passive aggressive questions about the holidays.


Unfortunately I deem Sarasota Florida to not be where I want to start a boat community. I will gladly pass the address to anyone interested if you email me. For now, it's off to New Orleans by way of Mobile Al. There are a lot of great craft in NOLA and a TON of great spaces in Mobile. I got a friend set up with a new business that might sink it's toes deep and sprout an eCommerce operation that I can still work with over time and saw a bunch of cool birds. This is a place to sell boats and not to buy them, but high end accessories might be common here.

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